UrmO is the perfect supplement for simple mobility in urban areas: dynamic to drive and easy to carry.

The UrmO is a lightweight and innovative self-balancing electric vehicle, which fits perfectly to your everyday live: With the patent-pending folding mechanism, it can be transformed from fully functional vehicle to briefcase size within 2 seconds. That means, you can take it everywhere and UrmO can be combined with existing means of transport such as cars and public transport.
Mobility becomes flexible and individual.

Easily portable.

Perfect for everyday life.

Small and lightweight: these are the two features, which make the UrmO your perfect supplement for urban life. Briefcase-size and single-handed use means that you will always have a free hand for your laptop or coffee to go.

Drive everywhere.

On all surfaces.

Thanks to the 14 inch wheels and the special tubless tires, UrmO can cope with almost all undergrounds in the city. And you will never get a flat tire.

Obstacles such as lowered curbs can be overcome easily and you will always in control.


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