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Reight in the heart of Munich, we are working on new mobility concepts for tomorrow’s big cities. Our first product, the UrmO, will make mobility more flexible and individual for city residents.

The highlight of the UrmO is the patented folding mechanism: In just two seconds you can fold the UrmO together with a handle to suitcase size and take the UrmO everywhere. The UrmO closes the gap between conventional forms of transport such as cars and public transit.

How to fold your UrmO in #TwoSeconds

Latest News

It’s all about appearance…

When Felix, Jakob, Mathias and Nils started the development of the UrmO, design played a rather subordinate role. After all, the engineers simply wanted to bring a technically perfect product …

New Website online!

Finally, it’s time. Our new website is online. From now on you can also get the latest information about our UrmO on our social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram …