Testing launch

Highest quality is our aspiration. As some of you may have already read in our last Kickstarter update, we have started our extensive testing program. For this purpose, we have designed and constructed a test bench, which suits perfectly to our UrmO.

On the picture you can see the setup of our first test, which involves the wheel bearing. It is the first endurance run.

Regarding the setup:

On the right hand side, your can see one half of the UrmO. The wheel is driven by the electric motor underneath the platform and the wheel drives the barrel roll. In order to make it realistic, the platform is weighted with the driver’s weight. The electric motor on the left side serves as a brake to simulate inclines on the road.

The surface of the barrell roll can be equipped with different grounds and smaller and bigger obstacles.

Until today, the test bench has run for hours and days and we have not yet seen any anomalies.

Way to go, UrmO!