It’s all about appearance…

When Felix, Jakob, Mathias and Nils started the development of the UrmO, design played a rather subordinate role. After all, the engineers simply wanted to bring a technically perfect product to market. The appearance was therefore characterized by hard edges and geometric surfaces. It soon became clear, however, that the design of the vehicle is also an important factor for the success of the product.

For the new Over-Package-Design Adrian König-Rannenberg could be won as new team member. The photos of the new design were taken by Daniel Gruber from Munich.

First design of the UrmO

Speed up with rapid prototyping.

Development cycles for new prototypes are usually quite fast at UrmO – at least for a hardware project. The intensive use of 3D printing parts and in-house hardware production made it possible to implement design prototypes extremely quickly.
The best example of this is probably the handle of the UrmO: To check design, ergonomics and fit, several different models with small variations were printed overnight. These were then tested and evaluated directly.
A similar procedure was used, for example, for the mudguards, parts of the wheel cover and for large parts of the interior.

And this is what he looks like.

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